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Real Problems; Real Answers

Politicians make promises; Jeff dives into problems and proposes solutions.

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Evanston can and must do more to keep Evanston affordable for young, low-income, and fixed-income residents.

Evanston's Lakefront

Protect the lakefront from environmental hazards and privatization.

City Character

Preserve unique city character by citizen-centered development.

Deep Green Sustainability

In Jeff Smith, Evanston has a chance to elect an environmental champion for a more sustainable future.

Arts and Humanities

Invest in arts and humanities both for their own sake and as economic strategy.

Economic Development

"More of the same" is an unsustainable dead end. Jeff Smith has the vision and skills to help lead Evanston toward a truly vibrant economic future.


Work for real diversity through proactivity and honesty.

A Culture of Peace

Foster a culture of peace from the international level to Evanston's own streets

Traffic and Parking

Depoliticize our streets! Evanston needs a ground-up overhaul to fix traffic and parking congestion.

Harley Clarke House

Jeff opposes privatization and, of the candidates for mayor, was the leading advocate to preserve the Harley Clarke site as a public asset.

Evanston Policing

Jeff Smith will bring an unprecedented knowledge of police and law enforcement issues, sensitive to multiple perspectives, to bear on this high-profile and emotional issue. Jeff supports a more humanized, less militarized approach to policing.

Population Growth

Jeff's response to EvanstonNow about population growth correctly identified the real issue and its complexities.

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