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Campaign Contribution Moratorium

As correctly reported on, we've disabled or hidden the Donate features of this website and removed a money pitch from our final e-mails. We are grateful to all those who have contributed, but in these final 40 hours we want the focus on ideas. Those wanting to contribute: please e-mail 10 Evanston friends and ask them to do the same!

From Jeff's Sunday night e-mail to supporters:

This is a political e-mail like no other: I've deleted the "Donate" button. Not a trick. Don't look for it -- you won't find it. We're done raising money (for now). Sure, contributions are sweet – but this campaign was always about vision, not cash. Anyway, if we got an extra $10 right now, all we could do is buy a few extra Election Day paçzki,[1] because:

  • we've bought all the ads we can buy
  • we've sent all the mail we can mail
  • media pix confirm I look mayoral :) ->
  • all our yard signs are paid for
  • all our buttons are paid for, and
  • we owe no money (despite one article, I didn't lend the campaign $1: what Nancy and I took from the piggy bank for this effort was for keeps).

Yep, in a mere 8 weeks we got out more voter communications than any other campaign – at 1/3 of what the big bucks guys spent. We applied a skill I will bring to Evanston as mayor: get more value.

More important, though, we've outlined more substance than anyone else. Others copy our lines and ideas (which is OK). We have the most comprehensive vision to offer.

So why am I e-mailing you? Some people still don't know there's even a primary. They ignore website banners. They throw away mailings, or refuse flyers they're offered. Or read them but forget. Evanston hasn't had a primary in 24 years, and most petitions mentioned no February election.

I've also found, and our volunteers confirm, that many aware voters are still undecided. They may sit it out, waiting for a runoff (if forced to be in a runoff, believe me, I'll be asking for contributions in a hurry).

So: you can still make a difference. Here's my ask – it'll take no more time than filling out a donation form – and will be much cheaper! (take that $50 you were going to send and have a nice meal out).
In the sample e-mail or post below are links to images of our last mailing. We're really happy with it. If you can, please simply cut and paste, customize or not, and send to 10, 20, or 100 of your closest Evanston friends and neighbors, asking them in one or two sentences to vote for Jeff Smith Tuesday. Individual e-mails; one big "Dear neighbor" e-mail;  post on Facebook -- it's all good. If you get writers' block, you can copy this text:
"Dear ______: I'm supporting Jeff Smith for mayor of Evanston and ask you to do the same. Jeff has a vision for Evanston that reflects my values, and he has the deep experience and broad skills necessary to grow the Evanston we imagine. Please check out
  * Imagine An Amazing Evanston (Side 1) and
  * Jeff Smith Toolkit (Side 2)
at and give Jeff your vote on Tues., Feb. 28."

Links (if the above doesn't copy):

That's it. No beg for bucks. Just a request that humans tell humans, voter-to-voter. If half of those who get this e-mail do this, we will win.

       Jeff Smith

©2017 Jeff Smith. Paid for by in-kind contribution to Jeff Smith for Evanston. A copy of our report is or will be on file with, and available for purchase from, the Illinois State Board of Elections.
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