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Jeff Smith All Over the Media

Media interest if the Jeff Smith campaign for Evanston mayor has picked up, with lots of new coverage.

On Wednesday, after the Rotary forum, WCGO had a brief followup interview with Jeff (pictured right) -- again, we got lots of great feedback!

The same day, the ETHS Evanstonian ran a brief feature on all the candidates, and Jeff was showcased in the Evanston Public Library's "Readers of Evanston" feature.

On 2/22 the online Northwestern publication North by Northwestern included coverage of Jeff that basically tagged him as the "Bernie-esque" candidate in this race. We won't argue (warning, the article takes 2 clicks, you have to locate and click the picture of Jeff).

All this happened the same day that most voting households in Evanston got a mailing from Jeff that is the most visionary of any of the campaigns.

Thursday, Evanston Patch posted Jeff's Q&A to a dozen questions, stunning readers who did nt think Jeff could answer a question in 120 words or less. Those remain online here.

And, yesterday, Jeff was featured on Channel 2 evening news.

Momentum is building -- the website hits jump daily. Now is the time to make a difference!


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