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Jeff Smith Here and There

Pix of the candidate
Jeff Smith flying the purple while raking leaves, or maybe cleaning gutters (2011). In front of the Capitol in Springfield (2010)
Jeff and Nancy with daughter Jamie (barefoot), son Jody (both ETHS grads), daughter-in-law Amanda, and beloved grandson Austin! (Dec. 2016) Jeff moderating the Evanston mayoral debate hosted by Central Street Neighbors (2009)
Jeff at a beach cleanup. Saving the environment is everybody's job.
Jeff has a lifelong commitment to enfranchisement and voting rights; registering voters in the '80s
Citizen Smith on a volunteer lobbying trip to our nation's capital for good, green jobs (2009). Shepard Fairey himself signed a poster for Jeff at Netroots Nation (2009)
Jeff, reunited with Carol Moseley Braun, for whom he campaigned in Evanston in her historic 1992 Senate victory (2010). Is this 'official campaign photo' actually a phone selfie? (2016)

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